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Ironclad Protection Of Intellectual Property

In this era of hyperconnectivity and mass misinformation, few matters are as important to businesses as the protection of intellectual property (IP). A manuscript, a mock-up or a design can be copied or stolen in a matter of seconds. Theft of your property can expose you to significant financial loss while hurting your company’s ability to thrive and compete.

The attorneys at Thomas Whitelaw have served as IP litigators and patent lawyers for a broad range of businesses in diverse industries, including software, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and oil and gas.

Our deep experience in this legal area allows us to provide a dynamic approach for our clients. We excel at devising successful legal strategies and solutions in high-stakes technology disputes and, as a result, our lawyers have received recognition throughout California and on a national level.

Protect What Is Yours

You have exclusive rights to your inventions or designs. Just as the law protects your private property, so does it protect your intellectual property. General areas of intellectual property include:

  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Trade secrets
  • Copyrights

When we think of IP, we might think of a common commercial brand — the sort of advertising we see on television or on our browser. Fast-food company A is suing fast-food company B for using their name or image. But, compromised IP happens even to small businesses. The need for IP protection spans the entirety of our economic system.

Skilled IP Infringement Representation

IP infringement can take many forms, from violating a noncompete agreement to theft of customer lists and other proprietary information.

Whether your IP has been stolen or you have been accused of infringing upon another party’s IP rights, the need for experienced legal guidance is paramount. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced litigators with a proven record of success resolving IP disputes in and out of court. We are prepared to protect your rights and your most valuable intellectual property, and do so in a cost-effective manner.

Discuss Your IP Law Needs With An Experienced Lawyer

Our intellectual property attorneys serve clients throughout Southern California. Contact our office in Irvine to arrange a consultation. You can reach us by telephone at 949-662-3852 or contact us online.