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When Employment Disputes Occur On The Executive Level

At Thomas Whitelaw, in Irvine, we handle complex executive employment disputes for businesses and individuals throughout Southern California. Our clients include executives, corporate officers, businesses and other parties engaged in executive contract disputes and related litigation.

A Versatile Practice At Your Service

Our attorneys have decades of experience and are prepared to handle a broad range of executive compensation disputes in California, including those involving:
  • Employment contracts: When an executive leaves or changes jobs, some types of compensation may be at risk, such as stock options, incentive pay, benefits, pensions, sales commissions and benefits from nonqualified (non-ERISA) benefit plans. Our lawyers provide expert advice about how to protect compensation from a current job when negotiating an employment contract for a new job.
  • Severance agreements: We help employers determine what kind of severance an employee may or may not be entitled to when they leave the company, as well as what the company is entitled to receive in exchange for the severance pay. Employees often retain our firm to protect unpaid bonuses, commissions, stock options and other incentive pay, as well as benefit payments.
  • Noncompete agreements: Employers use noncompete agreements to protect their competitive information such as trade secrets, business strategies and customer relationships. While noncompete agreements are often signed by key executives, they can also apply to sales representatives, technical employees and other employees at all levels of a company.

Our versatile practice allows us to craft a legal strategy uniquely suited to the circumstances of your case. Litigation, mediation and arbitration are among the dispute resolution options we offer our clients.

Discuss Your Case With A Knowledgeable Attorney

Our experienced lawyers have handled numerous executive compensation disputes and are prepared to protect your rights and interests. To learn more or to schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced lawyer in Irvine, contact our law firm online or by telephone at 949-662-3852.